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Product: Rhubarb Mojito Soap Bar

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Our goal is to reconnect people with nature and increase awareness of local plant life and how we can comfortably incorporate it into our everyday lives.  We care deeply about natural skin care + living, minimalism + traditional practices.  Our products are zero-waste with only recyclable packaging, with one bar of soap being able to replace many bottles in your shower.  We care what we use on and in our bodies and strive to create healthy + toxin-free products for you and your family.  We hope to help evoke an appetite for this lifestyle, a deeper awareness and appreciation for nature and the threads that connect us all within it.  

We make soap, balms + salves with the same techniques as thousands of years ago.  We only use the highest quality oils and ensure our products are free from synthetic fragrances and artificial colours.  We source local ingredients and are often outside wildcrafting plants, herbs and resin or growing herbs in our organic garden to create beautiful, useful + unique products.  Using passed down knowledge, reference books and herbalism training, we turn ancient practices into our modern way of life. We hope to inspire you to get in touch with nature and live more mindful, conscious, healthy and happy!     

A little more about us… we are a husband + wife team that have been married for twelve years and have two little adventurous boys.  We grain farm in Central Alberta, Canada on our generational family farm. Prairie Soap Shack started while I was on maternity leave from nursing and now has turned into a full-time entrepreneurial business. Our interests are prairie wildlife, bushcraft, fermenting, rural life, gardening, country cooking, canoeing & raising two resilient & kind humans for the next generation. This all inspires our products and brand. We'd love to connect with like-minded people on social media!

Much inspiration comes from long talks with my mom and lessons learned from my grandmother.

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