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Scent: Butter Beer

Size: 16oz

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8 oz Candles come in a white glass jar with gold lid.

16oz Candles come in a black glass jar with gold lid.

Ebony & Ivory Candle co was born out of the imagination of Brianne Edwardson, a local Lethbridge dweller. A little over a 6 years ago, she had one vision, and that was simply to make the world smell better one candle at a time. Using earth friendly, sustainable products Ebony & Ivory has now bloomed into a cult-like following. Her imagination of combinations of scents runs wild on a daily basis and she is always concocting the newest & most unique of scents.

Her hands on approach makes her artisanal candles truly one of a kind. From beginning to end, the entire process is entirely crafted with two hands and one mind. To create her signature candles she begins with 100% soy wax, followed by sustainable cotton wicks and scented with cosmetic grade fine fragrance oils and finally poured off into recyclable glass vessels. The combination of these elements makes them clean burning, eco friendly, soot free & petroleum by-product free.

Although Ebony & Ivory Candles are carried throughout many stores in Canada & the USA, her favourite venues are handmade markets! Follow her travels on Instagram & facebook to experience her smelly world!



Almost Famous - Golden Amber, egyptian musk, sparkling citrus, lilly of he valley, pink jasmine and warm woods.

Apple Cider - hot apple cider, warm cinnimon and cloves

Canadian Coconuts - Coconut, red pineapple and vanilla

Cinnimon Bun Buns - Sweet Sugar and Cinnimon

Berried in the Pines - Citrus berry and spruce

Butter Beer - Butterscotch and Vanilla

Gilded Coconut - 

Good Vibes - Pomegranate and Marshmellow

Harvest Moon

Humble Abode - Snickerdoodles, cupcakes and warm vanilla brown sugar

It's the Little Things - Fruit Loops

Killa Cupcakes - Sweet Vanilla Cupcakes

London Fog - Earl Grey Tea and Vanilla

Morning Wood - Sandalwood, benzoin and amber

Pumpkin Spice - cinnimon, nutmeg, cloves, buttercream and pumpkin

R*itch B*tch - bergamoy and smokey orange

Ray of F*cking Sunshine - 

Summer Lovin' - Tahitian Musk and Coconut Water

Toasted - marshmellows, vanilla and smoldering woods

Snozzberries - Pomegranate, nectarine and bizarre berries

Hazelenut Coffee - ...hazelnut and coffee...

Cozy Cottage - Pine, warm spices, vanilla and brown sugar

Cinnimon Chai Latte - black tea, cinnamon and sweet vanilla

Amazing Grace - Lavendar, cedar and cardamom

Stay Trippy - Sandalwood, patchouli and fresh coconut